Saturday, January 01, 2011

On Any Given Tuesday

On any given night across the nation urban bicycle culture spreads infectiously through the streets and alleys of our cities. It challenges the contentment, social status, and faux-freedom of the consecrated car. Born of utility, stealth, and sheen, when it comes to getting around town whilst the party is on, a relaxed-fit bicycle is leagues ahead of designate-driven carpool gaggles scavenging for the closest parking spot.

Yes, urban rollin' with yer peeps yields newfound latitude in movement and whimsy. It's an unorthodox, provocative, even insubordinate answer to casual gridlock. And bikes build community at the street level. When was the last time you pulled your gas guzzler up on the curb to mingle with your homies at a sidewalk cafe? On bikes we become accessible to each other. We can see and be seen. Neighborhoods that bike together get psyched together.

Bust a move with Cruiser-Tuesday as we celebrate the free agency of two-wheeled movement through our congested urban districts. We bike-splice advocacy, arts and a lost flair for the street party. Any cycle with at least one wheel is welcome in this courteous mass. Use your bike as the social tool it can be. Get to know like-minded individuals. Groove to the sounds of open-air music delivered by bike. Cut loose, stop suddenly and dance on the sidewalk if the feeling overtakes you. Deliver yourself from the drudgery of car-culture. As if you were a kid again, take your act of going out on the town back to street-level!
Go by bicycle.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Cruise 3/9

There may be no 'March madness' in Chapel Hill this year, but finally high pressure domination brings the mid-60s to Cruz-Tuz. Get your pedal on 3/9 at 7:30pm from Johnnie's Sporting Goods.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fat Cruiser Tuesday 2/16

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Check it: Dec. Date Change + a Cruz-Tuz Google Group

Two things:
1) In deference to the academic calendar, for December we cruise 12/8 and NOT this Tuesday, 12/1.

As per usual,
rock your best holiday sweater and plan to get your bevy on from Johhnie's Xmas tree grove at 7:30pm. With any luck we'll be pulling another 7ft tannenbaum around again!

C-T finally joins the 21st century with a list-serve in the form of a Google Group. Please join to receive updates, ask questions or post other towny rides of interest. If you are already on the C-T mailing list you will receive an invite. If not, follow the link above to head on over.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Bike the Vote, Rock the Cruise

It's our civic duty to bike...and yeah, we musn't forget to have our say at the polls...but do it by bike. Then meet at Johnnies once the polls close (7:30pm social). Cruise at 8:15pm

Monday, October 05, 2009

Will Cruise for Brews

Octoberfest is in the air, brews-Cruise-Tuz is on the brain. Come socialize tomorrow at Johnnie's Pumpkin Patch on Main before pumpkin' the pedals `round town n' gown. 7:30pm fellowship, 8:15 ride.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Summer has Broken?

Tuesday is the first day of the rest of your September. Get off to a good start with a fine urban pedal. Water-up at Johnnies (on Main) at 7:30pm. Cruise by 8:15-ish. See you there.