Monday, October 23, 2006

Long johns, leg warmers and muff

The redo on last Tuesday's dance cruise rides this week 10/24. There's lots happening this night so the cruise is the perfect way to warm up on a chilly fall evening. Good weather it'll be to sport long johns or rock leg warmers. We socialize at 8:00, dance-cruise at 9:00

A simple segue to keep the grooves movin' post-ride will be to end at the 10pm Rosemary St. Nightlight performance by Philly Hip Hop/Disco/Punk band Pony Pants. With low ceilings and a tight book-ended dancefloor, its an intimate place to grind with 30 other sweaty beings.

Three of four Indy Picks for Triangle music on Tuesday are situated within two Carrboro blocks of each other. Of course, monolithic metal stalwarts,
The Melvins are rocking the Cat's Cradle, but after that everybody's favorite bicycle bar, Reservoir, will be hosting a veritable afterparty with later night performances from Black Skies, Battlesnake and Bloodcow. Local 506 is featuring Decibully.

See you on the bike!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oct Cruise moves to 10/23

We had big plans for tonight but Momma Nature isn't on-board. We want to shoot some footage for this dance-cruise so we're officially bumping to next Tuesday 10/24. There may be a few hard-cores in the pkg lot tonight but we dance next week. Please pass the word along.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guerilla Dance-Cruise this Tuesday

Cruiser-Tuesday rides 10/17 this month. And we aim to shake that booty.

Our goal is to take-by-bike several higher-visibility spots around town and dance for 5 min. at a time before moving on. Maybe we'll even momentarily subvert Chapel Hill's prime time reality? We refuse to be tagged social agitators or agents for change, though. October's bike path to liberation is merely to free our minds and hope the buttocks follows. So break free with CT. Lend pedal-power to the people. Give witness that Chapel Hill can dance.

Of course, this pleasure spin is still about the bike. A progressive dance-cruise is just another boisterous way to demonstrate two-wheel superiority for delivering us across the urban scenery when the party is on.

We'll assemble a bit later Tuesday to assist with the mood/stay on top of the swerve-curve. Social hour begins at 8:30pm. We cruise at 9:30.

Festoon bikes with blinky safety-strobes if you have them. They're not just dance-friendly, it's the law!