Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cruz-Tuz Tweets

Cruiser-Tuesday is looking at new ways to get the word out about rides more readily. Particularly the impromtu/xtra-curric. cruises spawned by a rash of good weather or sudden thirst.

Real-time short messaging services that work over multiple networks and devices might be the answer. Ideally we want folks to be able to step in and out of the flow of information as it suits them.

Twitter is the network we will try first. Like most social services, you must sign up to follow CruzTuz updates. Go here to find us: http://twitter.com/cruisetuz


Blogger Unknown said...

I just did the same thing over on Vancruisers - I ended up sticking a Twitter feed right on our site. It's great 'cuz now I can send ride updates while I'm actually out riding!

Some day I'll get you to add us to your links section instead of Cruiserbike.ca (hasn't been updated since 2005 now!!!!)

8:19 PM  

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