Friday, September 15, 2006

Ride Like a Pirate

Cruise-Tues happens to coincide with International Talk Like a Pirate Day this month. It's wicked fun to practice piracy so we encourage everyone to dress, talk and cruise like a pirate Tuesday 9/19. In today's proprietary world the term Pirate conjures up all kinds notions so traditional and twisted interpretations are encouraged. Find lots of resources at above link.

We also encourage folks to segue following the post-ride social to the M.Ward/Lambchop/Portastatic show at Cat's Cradle. Although the Independent proclaims Tuesday's Best Bet to be the $40 Nickel Creek show at Memorial Hall, those who know better will drop $14 in Carrboro for thrice the show. Indy does save face with John Schacht's informative feature on this Merge Records triple-shot. Get your tickets in advance.


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